With Salesforce now having not only multiple applications but also tools, it can often be a hard challenge to find something that will blast your knowledge and test your skills!

We all know how amazingly productive and effective Salesforce can make teams and companies. However, there are some aspects of Salesforce that are ‘next level,’ and can therefore wholly transform output.

Let’s take a look.

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All In One Place

Less of a feature than a ‘way’ of doing things that Salesforce has made it’s own. However, it’s such a beautiful thing that we can’t stop talking about it. Even now, after Salesforce has been around for so many years.

We still can’t get over the way Salesforce takes care of all the details of your agents and their work, so you’re never out of the loop. All schedules, appointments, and activities are carefully collated and aligned, so your company never drops the ball. Compared to other solutions, we reckon Salesforce has got this one licked.


We know, it may not initially seem like the best feature in the world, ever, but Chatter has your back.

The simple ability to start a conversation right inside the interface that connects everyone involved in sales and marketing makes it a community-based miracle. You don’t need anything else for inter-department communication (and we know there are many other options). Get to know Chatter, and it’s key benefits, and you’ll be using it instinctively. And the more you use it, the more it impacts communication and output.

The Mobile Thing

We see this as a vital feature of the Salesforce experience. Again, it’s not necessarily about the feature, but the way it works.

The mobile app is comprehensive. Everything you could need to do with your Salesforce experience is there in front of you. You are making mobile sales activities much easier to manage and record, so that final information can be acted upon as quickly as you like.

Process Builder

This is still relatively new, and it allows for smooth workflows, but with plenty more in the way of features on top of that. The result is a workflow system that gets teams even closer together, communicating almost intuitively. It really cannot be stressed enough how Process Builder adds a new layer to workflow management.

Here you can see a screenshot taken from Saleforce’s Process Builder.

Web To Lead

This is a crucial piece of Salesforce magic that is, staggeringly, not always used well.

With a ‘contact us’ page on your website, you can configure web-to-lead, and then a whole new set of functions come into play. Untapped, it causes you to lose leads from your website.

However, use it well, and this stuff happens:

  • It creates a lead record in Salesforce.
  • A personalized email response can be sent to that lead immediately after the person visits the site.
  • You can create several lead collection boxes (such as ‘sign up’ or find out more’) across the site. This brings you more leads, pure and simple

The Dashboard

Salesforce has become such a vital part of work that we sometimes miss the glaringly obvious. Dashboards are amazing and need to be embraced.

Why? Well, with a dashboard you can:

  • Check your sales rep leaderboards
  • See any sales opportunities that are stalling or slowing down
  • Any support issues raised

Configure your dashboard correctly, and it becomes your friend, able to keep you informed, as well as ahead of the curve on sales.

Those are just a few of the key features that we feel will vastly improve your Salesforce experience. Try them today, and you could be saving time and money by tomorrow.

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