If you’re searching for a business to provide you with marketing automation software, then you’re probably wondering where to start. What type of company should you sign with, and what should you plan ahead for before signing the contract?

Our first piece of advice? know what you need, and what you don’t need

Don’t see yourself increasing your customer base by millions in the next fiscal year? Then you don’t need software that promises the ability to manage millions of customers in the system. It’s important to understand the logistics of your business, and be able to take a realistic step back and analyse exactly what you currently need, and then what you expect to need in the next fiscal year, allowing for some growth or loss. Committing to a company for this type of tool is a big commitment, and one that you don’t want to pay too much or too little for, based on what they’re offering you.

Don’t commit to something that’s too much for your team to handle

Assuming marketing automation software is going to make your team’s job easier is a pretty accurate assumption to make. But, you have to allow for a significant learning curve when signing on with the software as your team adjusts to the entirely new system and way of doing things, and making sure that everyone is on board with the switch.

Before choosing a company, you’ll want to analyse the user-friendliness of the tool. Is it going to take months for your team to understand how to use it, and how it applies to each of their roles? Are you going to lose team members in the process if the going gets too complicated? Make sure that you choose a tool that’s easy to use, that provides on boarding and training for your team (at no cost, or at a cost that you’re aware of before committing), and a company that offers ongoing customer support services. Otherwise, you may find yourself losing valued members of your team because you signed on for something that’s over your head.

Shop around

Yes, the big companies seem really enticing when you’re hunting for software to implement. But, do they offer you what you really need? Are they going to give you a product that works for your business?

The answer might be a solid yes. But, you won’t know whether or not you’re getting something good if you don’t check out other software products to compare them to. So, shop around, ask questions, see how the customer service compares with different services, and don’t make a snap decision when you’re planning your purchase of marketing automation software.