With Automation studio, you can sell at a faster and smarter rate towards your customers and leads. The powerful toolkit is used to optimise your marketing funnel at every single stage of the journey and process.

Automation Studio has a considerable part to play in the successful marketing of your products and services. Sitting neatly within a full integration with Marketing Cloud, it does exactly what you expect it to do, providing full automation of crucial marketing elements.

What Does Automation Studio Do?

It’s best to think about Automation Studio as a tool, one that helps you to implement multi-step marketing campaigns with real ease and efficiency. The excellent news about Automation Studio is that it can implement marketing campaign stages immediately, or on a scheduled basis. It also offers the option of implementation when a specific trigger is activated.

Marketing Cloud Basics: Getting familiar with Automation Studio. Automation Studio is a best-in-class Marketing Automation Platform focused on Extract Transform Load or ETL capabilities. This product allows you to import, enrich and segment your data from any external data source.

Perhaps it’s biggest and most common usage is with batch campaigns. These are large and potentially challenging campaigns to manage, campaigns that benefit from high-quality automation. Batch campaigns have a straightforward ‘journey’ to walk through and often use individual subscriber lists at specific points in the campaign. It’s very sophisticated stuff, and using Automation Studio allows for multiple instances to be handled very efficiently.

In addition to all of that, there is a ton of work under the surface that you probably wouldn’t expect from something that is ostensibly about automation. For example, Automation Studio can even work with subscriber data and develop an understanding of subscriber values. That’s even more sophisticated than you might think, with some serious number-crunching.

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The Advantages Of Using Automation Studio

There are many advantages, but we thought we would try and break it down just a little to give you a more concise.

First up, it is elementary to get to grips with. There are many, many tools and platforms out there right now that do something similar to what Automation Studio does. However, it wins for ease of use. Easy to pick up and understand, it allows teams to get on with the job of creating hugely effective campaigns very quickly.

Why is this important? Fewer misunderstandings mean fewer mistakes down the line, which positively affects everything else.

Another critical element to the success of Automation Studio is its ability to make segmentation and filtering incredibly easy. What needs to be remembered though, is that Automation Studio makes detailed segmentation and filtering simpler. This makes the work of a larger team a lot easier.

The Data Thing

To truly understand just how powerful and effective the tool is, it’s essential to grasp its impact on data. You can pull data into Automation Studio and then the Marketing Cloud from practically any external data source. The flexibility here is incredible. You can pull in zipped data too, so your options are varied. Essentially, it’s a powerhouse for pulling in data and making that data immediately useful to a marketing team.

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The added value for marketers doesn’t stop there. Data brought in by the Studio can also be enriched with other data and info, so you can package up what you have, making it more accessible and more meaningful.

The sheer size of the data pulls you can do it a truly indispensable piece of software for any team. With the ability to carry zip files, and then package them, so they work with the operation your company is undertaking, it makes it quick and easy. Add to that the enrichment with other data and you have a pretty comprehensive package.

This is why the platform is so popular with enterprise-level companies, who need that kind of processing power when dealing with data.


Perhaps you have gathered this from the title of the tool, but Automation Studio gives you massive scope for automation. Every aspect that matters when it comes to marketing can be run automatically. So just to take a look at the data for starters, data imports can be automated. So while you’re pulling in all that data from external sources, Automation Studio can be busy importing it so that it is entirely ready for your teams to get to grips with. That’s automated, so the hard work is done.

Even simple email campaigns can be fully automated too. Again, this speaks to the needs of an enterprise more readily than a smaller company. Still, anyone who is working hard on creating great email marketing can benefit from the true automation here.

Automation Studio also has a part to play in the more advanced aspects of segmentation as well. With truly complex data, you need to be able to bring considerable sophistication to audience segmentation, otherwise, you’re losing out on revenue and that’s not good at all.

Essentially, Automation Studio is a vast data beast, one that can manage a wealth of information, crunch and prepare that information for highly targeted marketing campaigns. You’re able to improve your sales by making them more direct giving you an overall better customer process.

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