AMP for email is an alternative way for marketers to leverage the speed of the accelerated mobile pages framework. AMP email is far less constrained than your traditional forms of email. They are increasing further levels or productive engagement for all your emails.

As the Internet becomes ever more saturated with content and options for content delivery continue to diversify, it’s essential to make sure that your content and your marketing messages are received. And when we use the word ‘received,’ we mean received in a fully optimized way. It’s even more challenging now listened to online. Brands need engaging experiences if they are to succeed.

AMP FOR EMAIL! Amp has increased the demand for visual output within emails. Target your customers and leads further with AMP for email.

A big chunk of that issue is to be fixed with speed. If the content is quick and accessible, it allows for maximum engagement. And that’s where AMP comes in. It’s new, and it’s fast. It seems to be changing the essential aspects of the marketing arena.


AMP has already managed to cause quite a stir in the way people access information on the Web. It’s easy to become frustrated with surfing sites, because of the experience. Even with a fast and robust connection can quickly become sluggish. Often because websites, for example, deliver data and content in a way that has stayed the same for years. AMP has changed that by helping to create sites that block information differently. Keep this concept as simple as possible, blocks of data delivered to users in a way that prevents ‘jams,’ where content slows down due to information provided by third-party providers. When an ad arrives on your screen, that’s third stuff. And when some breaking news comes in from an outside source, the third-party jam issue comes up again.

It is a little complicated and more comfortable to understand if you experience it. But the basic idea is that AMP speeds everything up by blocking content into chunks in a faster, more efficient way, one that doesn’t slow down because of potential interruptions.

Understandably, AMP has become a bit of a rock-star concept, and marketers will surely understand how a faster Web experience can make a massive difference to their message. But it’s what AMP offers for email that will rock a marketing team’s world.

AMP For Email

A big deal. And the best way to describe it is to think of an email, but just more dynamic.

One of the biggest problems with marketing emails is the amount of work it takes to deliver a fluid experience for recipients. Clicking on some links in emails, for example, can lead to long and disruptive visits to other sites or third-party content. AMP does away with this by making content dynamic, and one of the critical features of this dynamic content is the ability to access it within an email.

If a user wants to fill out a form within an email, that is precisely what will happen. There will be no redirecting to another site. The form can be filled out within the email itself. A vast improvement on the current general experience in this area. It saves time and also improves confidence. Customers will feel they can trust a company that sends such an email because they are not pushed to an external source.

Enlighten yourself about AMP for Email. You will have the ability to deliver impressive applications across a range of industries. Have a look at how you can use AMP for email.

Advertising components are forbidden in AMP email. They are making a big difference to user experience too. Recipients of emails feel safer and more confident in what they are doing while engaging with email. From a marketing perspective, this is incredibly attractive.

That whole speed thing? Well, an AMP email simply reduces the amount of clicking ad moving to bring engagement. There is less to worry about because the vast majority of what a recipient needs to do can be done within the email.

Speed & Connivence

AMP is all about speed and convenience. So it is excellent customer service. One thing marketers will note when they use AMP emails for their lists is that customers can give feedback and engagement all within the email. If one of the most significant issues email has as regards customer satisfaction is an inconvenience, AMP wins in that regard.

That customer service is further enhanced through all of the display features you can implement with AMP email.

Marketers can have emails that use a wealth of cool features such as lightboxes, carousels, and accordions, all of which ensure that engagement is boosted, without any reduction in speed.

Emails that include media such as video will not see a severe reduction in load speed if delivered via AMP. Again makes a big deal as regards engagement with customers because speed makes sense for fluid customer experience.

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One great example is the email campaign delivered by the likes of This travel specialist uses AMP to deliver high-quality emails that show hotel rooms. But rather than clicking on an image to move to the website and find more details. All the clicks keep the one email there on the screen, with browsing through further photos and information on a room being done within that email. And if a customer wants to reduce the number of emails, changing frequency or unsubscribing is again done within the email, where before it would have meant visiting another Web page to make subscription choices.

All in all, AMP seems to have brought another dimension to marketing emails. And we get the feeling it is only just being explored by marketers.

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