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Acquia Marketing Cloud

The Perfect Tool for Small, Medium & Big Businesses. Welcome to the World Of Acquia.

Acquia focuses on giving everyone powerful automation software to manage, grow and develop their business. You will be unstoppable when it comes to using Acquia Marketing Cloud.

Acquia Marketing Cloud


Unlock and gather your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement.


Design and build journeys that feel special to every lead and customer.

Campaign Studio

Create and manage customer journeys across all channels and devices at each turn.

Campaign Factory

Create customer touchpoints with precision and control across a mass scale.


Manage and accelerate your companies operations on a consistent basis.

Get the Most Out of Acquia Marketing Cloud.

We get it; you’re a busy bee. You want to get where you’re going right away. We have you covered. Please navigate through our information panels to find what you’re looking for when it comes to Acquia Marketing Cloud.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
No More Annoying Siloes with Acquia

Insights across your business and personalisation are only as useful as the data that supplies them. Start unifying data across all your systems and channels with our support.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Our Acquia Cloud Services & Support

We offer a range of packages regarding Acquia Marketing Cloud, from implementation to support; we can help extensively at every single moment.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
The Latest News on Acquia Marketing Cloud

As Trailblazers ourselves, we love to keep up to date with the latest news and events. Visit our channels to stay up to date with the newest Acquia Marketing Cloud news daily. From Blog posts to social media, we can keep you informed.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Better Personalisation with Acquia

Start building omnichannel journeys with the right message. Make sure your personalisation is meaningful across every 1-to-1 experience with creativity to boost engagement in your business.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Our Packages for Acquia Marketing Cloud

We offer a range of packages and options when it comes to Acquia Marketing Cloud. Options and specifications available. Refer to our packages guide to see the available options on offer.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Read up on FAQs About Acquia Marketing Cloud

We get that the answer might not be so simple. If you can’t find what you are looking for, have a peek at our FAQs to see what we get asked the most.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
A 360° Accurate View with Acquia

Understand your business throughout. Track the least engaged customers, high-value targets and prospective leads across Acquia Marketing Cloud with Gravitai’s support directly.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Book An Audit with Acquia Marketing Cloud

We get that the grass is not always green. Sometimes it’s hard to get the best out of applications. Book An Audit so we can access your Acquia Marketing Cloud model and see how it can be improved.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Contact Us About Acquia Marketing Cloud

At the end of the day, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us. We are always on the end of a phone call or email. Get in touch with us, and we can fix and support any implementation issues.

Acquia Marketing Cloud

Start Establishing Your Business Identity with Bespoke Data & Insights Across Acquia Marketing Cloud.

Rely on accurate insights to increase your customer engagement. Through first-party data using real-time connectors and APIs, together, we can create a single view of every single lead and customer that comes through your virtual doors.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Start relying on valid data and statistics.

The validity of data can always be a worry. With Acquia Marketing Cloud, you can cleanse your data to ensure that it is 100% accurate. From standardising contact records, genderising names and validating postal addresses.

Understand each and every customer.

At the heart of Acquia CDP, all your data can be unified in a single customer profile. This generates richer insights, increases segmentation, and allows you to get the best ROI possible With Acquia Marketing Cloud.

Take action on collected data in real-time.

Through gathering insights on campaigns and journeys, you can get to work on your data. Take action on your data via real-time APIs to automatically update the 360 profile and run meaningful real-time campaigns.

Have the upper hand over all your competitors.

Together with Gravitai’s support, we can use machine learning to identify customer segments. Campaigns and journeys can be planned, built and distributed to drive high-impact results that boost ROI.

Begin Automating Customer Journeys to Meet Leads at Each Touchpoint Across Their Individual Campaigns.

Visually map and execute journeys that are bespoke to each customer and lead. Distribute across channels and create meaningful moments to intercept each and every potential customer in Acquia Marketing Cloud.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Unify channel activation across all pathways.

Start bringing relevance to every customer experience at each step. Using predictive models and AI, optimise your targeting and personalisation strategies to deliver the best communications that you can.

Communicate with leads at each touchpoint.

Ensure that your strategies are maximising customer value and marking the best impact they can. Utilise A/B testing to validate your communication approach. Proof and view each touchpoint to make sure customers notice.

Easily Replicate Campaigns Across Acquia Instances so you can Understand Your Business Throughout.

From emails to landing pages, you can create and scale campaigns accordingly to gain a 360° view of each and every customer once they connect. Be creative and tailor each campaign, so it becomes bespoke to each lead.

Analyse results on a vast global basis.

Stay on top of your campaigns with an overall comprehensive view of how your content is performing. This can be achieved across all of your Acquia Campaign studio instances. Start identifying those opportunities.

Brand efficiently with Acquia Campaign Studio.

Customise your Acquia Campaign Studio instances to match your company branding. This ensures a unified experience for your customers, creating a more consistent presence across your brand.

Make deep, meaningful connections with leads.

Use Acquia Marketing Cloud analytics to generate insights that make your business stronger and more meaningful.  Connect with your audience at each stage of a journey, which can be done globally in Campaign Factory.

Make sure best practices are being followed.

From audiences to campaigns, Acquia Marketing Cloud ensures that best practices are being followed. Creating templates is quick and easy, so you can focus on scaling up quickly and driving results.

Our Services Regarding Acquia Marketing Cloud.

At Gravitai, we offer a range of services around Acquia Marketing Cloud from, implementing the Acquia applications to supporting you with the software when it comes to you wanting to get the best out of it.

Acquia Marketing Cloud

Looking to Implement Acquia Marketing Cloud after just buying it? We can help you and your business to start using Acquia.

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Implementation Services

Dedicated Support

Hourly Implementation Rates

Aftercare Support Options & Services

Flexible Packages Available

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Support & Assistance

Already implemented Acquia Marketing Cloud but need support in building campaigns, tracking users, and building up your business?

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Dedicated Support Services

Consultants & Specialists on Demand

Hourly Support Rates

A Range of Support Options Available

Flexible Packages Available

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Training & Upskilling

Want to upskill your team when it comes to Training? Gravitai can help your team to be compliant with Acquia Marketing Cloud.

Price On Request

P.O.R / For Available Packages

Team Upskilling

Team & Indervidual Training

Competitive Hourly Rates

A Range of Training Options Available

Flexible Packages Available


Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Turn your Collected Data into Meaningful Insights

Put your data to work with over 300 metric systems that can be used in Acquia Marketing Cloud CDP. Results are driven by data, which means you can provide your technical teams with unified CDP data access.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Enhance all your Third-Party Marketing Systems

Enhance your current third-party systems such as email, SMS and web through rich intelligence and personalisation. Use rich CDP data and machine learning to build omnichannel relevant journeys and campaigns.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
The Only CDP you will Ever Need Again

Acquia CDP is fully configurable across UI and surfacing any attributes or specifications across a pipeline, supporting high data volumes built on modern SaaS architecture. We can support all your data needs.


Acquia Marketing Cloud
Personalisation Made Easy Across your Business

Quickly create, deploy and manage all personalised experiences that have been produced across Acquia Marketing Cloud. Utilising A/B testing, you can preview every aspect as well as refining real-time experiences.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Tailored Experiences & Personalisation Every Time

Through powerful analytics, Acquia Marketing Cloud provides a unified customer profile based on each collected insight. This vital information can then be turned into personalised targeting methods for each lead or potential customer.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Make Relevant 1-To-1 Connections with Leads

Put the customer first. While respecting their privacy, you can start making connections and personalise with purpose. Meet customer expectations through preferences and history to give each customer control.

Campaign Studio

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Start Understanding your Consumer More

With no more siloes, you can start integrating rich customer data insights. These not only drive deeper engagement at every stage in a customer journey but also helps with refined targeting strategies across your business.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Effortless Segmentation Across your Content

A more refined strategy means more relevant content that is targeting your audience. With more relevance comes more engagement with your content. This all started with segmentation in Acquia Campaign Studio.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Start Making Real & Relevant Content that Engages

With Acquia Campaign Studio, you can start developing content with ease. Through an intuitive drag and drop system, you can start building a template from start to finish. Building and developing templates just became easier.

Campaign Factory

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Deploy New Instances Across Campaign Factory

With Campaign Factory, you can set up new instances in minutes. Whether it’s for your team or businesses units, you can get a new message into the potential market quickly and take advantage of potential opportunities.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Deliver & Distribute Consistent Marketing

Consistency is so important in achieving goals. With Acquia Campaign Factory, you can start delivering the right messages at the right time. Start scaling your operations from one hub to build and grow as a business.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Deploy Campaigns on a Very Large Scale

Use the best practises to tailor and replicate campaigns across instances. This increases efficiency when producing emails and landing pages so you can start scaling your entire campaign across Acquia Campaign Factory.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Acquia Marketing Cloud
One Centralised Location for Asset Organisation

With Acquia DAM, you can keep everything in one organised location with granular permissions. This not only saves time and increases consistency with brand messaging but helps with asset organisation as well.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Effective Workflow Management with DAM

With Acquia DAM tools, you can implement team-based collaboration and provide notifications, analytics and approvals to keep assets production running effectively within your internal teams and third-party agencies.

Acquia Marketing Cloud
Configure Collaborative Tools for Your Team

DAM was built for teams to work much more efficiently together. Through image and video tools, miscommunication was a thing of the past. Configure DAM to meet the needs of your team and build an efficient infrastructure.

Read Up on FAQs From Acquia Marketing Cloud.

It can be sometimes hard to find a solution to each problem. Browse through our FAQs to see if you can find the answer to your question. Can’t find the solution? We are always on the end of an email of a phone call. Contact Us.

What is Acquia Marketing Cloud?

Acquia Marketing Cloud is an open-source CRM platform designed to simplify marketing automation across your entire business. All built on open source methods, Acquia focuses on providing you with the best tools available to break down your data further and further understand your customers. You will be able to deliver, build, optimise and distribute across all of your digital platforms and channels to make sure your business is being heard.

What is a Marketing Cloud Platform?

A Marketing Cloud platform is a range of marketing technologies and tools that marketers can use through the web. A Marketing Cloud platform will typically include tools for managing campaigns, producing content, automating tasks, engaging customers through social media and managing analytics.


What are the benefits of a Marketing Cloud platform?


– Eliminate the time-consuming concern of maintaining your marketing technology systems.


– Gain much faster access when it comes to new capabilities and tools within the Acquia Marketing Cloud platform.


– Have the ability to access marketing technology from anywhere across the globe at any given time.


– Scale effortlessly as a business through marketing requirements that have been put forward.


– Collaborating has never been easier as you will be able to talk and operate much more efficiently with colleagues and your partners within the business.


As an open-source marketing platform, the tool is based on a set of marketing tools built on open-source software designed to automate each system implemented. You will be able to focus on the execution of campaigns, personalisation, analytics and reporting and distribution of marketing campaigns.

What are the Challenges of Managing Marketing Automation?

Both Marketing Cloud and Marketing Automation systems have always been hard to manage. Typically, these systems are supposed to help manage time and make marketing more effective within your business and channels.


Acquia Marketing Cloud provides all the tools and knowledge to ensure that Marketing Automation is as simple as possible. Aimed at making things simpler rather than harder, Acquia aims to provide you with a tool that doesn’t need dedicated and certified technicians to run. Implementing CRMs can be time-consuming and a tricky process. With Acquia and Gravitai’s support, we can make sure that your whole team is accustomed to all the decisions and data that is required to make a CRM successful.

What can you do with the World's Only Open Cloud Marketing Platform?

Acquia Marketing Cloud enables organisations, companies, and businesses worldwide to help automate multi-channel communications on a massive scale. While implementing personalisation, you can move quickly and adapt to the changing marketing requests and constantly evolving trends.


Utilise Acquia Marketing Cloud to its full capabilities:


  • Orchestrate and distribute multi-channel automated campaigns – You will be able to create emails, texts, mobile messages and web messages through the Acquia Visual Builder.


  • Completely understand your customers – With advanced website tracking capabilities in Acquia Marketing Cloud, you can make sure that your business delivers the best customer experience possible.


  • Personalise individual experiences Make sure you are targeting your audiences directly with Acquia Marketing Cloud. You will be able to use existing contact and real-time engagement data to deliver the correct relevant experiences to your audiences.

Why Should you Pick Acquia Marketing Cloud?

Acquia Marketing Cloud’s platform includes additional solutions that could be perfect for what you are looking for.


  • Acquia Customer Data Platform You will be able to listen and learn from all your customers and potential leads. You will be able to gain insights to create a personalised journey of touchpoints to interact with your customers.


  • Acquia Personalisation A perfect personalisation software tool that is optimised for Drupal. With a point and click functionality, you will be able to personalise marketing content with ease.


  • Acquia Campaign Studio – Create and orchestrate customer journeys that are bespoke across all channels and devices. Make sure you are making meaningful connections at every turn to communicate with all leads and customers.


  • Acquia Campaign Factory With Acquia Campaign Factory, you can manage multiple marketing automation accounts from one central location. This allows you to scale campaigns on a great scale and deliver valuable and meaningful content across your business.


What are the Benefits Towards Acquia Marketing Cloud?

Acquia Marketing Cloud offers and range of features when it comes to providing tools and packages for businesses.


  • Making every process simple – Acquia Marketing Cloud makes it extremely easy to create, build, and nurture email campaigns. Once created, you will then be able to A/B test all your personalised communications while tracking the results. With Acquia Marketing Cloud, your team can get started right away.


  • Have control over all your data – With Acquia Marketing Cloud, you can start integrating all your individual elements in your marketing stack. This gives you unparalleled access to all your data allowing you to create and develop more personalised and dedicated campaigns.


  • Increased Flexibility – With Acquia Marketing Cloud, you will be supplied with unrivalled flexibility to start building things from email campaigns to sophisticated multi-channel campaigns. You will have all the tools you need to get you started with Acquia.

How do Gravitai Price Acquia Marketing Cloud?

Each journey and implementation is priced differently. This all depends on your needs and the companies individual needs. No matter your company’s size, big or small, we provide solutions to everyone covering all applications. Our Sales team will help you get started to tailor an implementation that is suitable for your needs. Download our Acquia Marketing Cloud Studio Packaging Guide for more information on pricing and options available.

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