To get the sales you need. You are first going to need that much-desired traffic. It can be one of the hardest things to come by; however, there are specific ways you can increase it.

You have a great product or service but what good is that if you can not get the right amount of traffic towards your website. This could be the final step to having an incredibly successful business. Every main component of an organization is customers. It’s about turning those leads into customers. 

Whether you have a brand-new website that just launched, or you simply want to increase traffic to your existing site. It can be challenging to know how to drive visitors to your webpage. 

If you only rely on one source of traffic and that fails you, your business could be in jeopardy. Luckily, there are lots of different ways to increase your visitor count, and the best thing you can do is to diversify that traffic to attract as many people as possible. You can use search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, social media, email marketing, and more to put your website in front of the most massive possible audience.

Increasing your traffic is critical; with many tools in place to help you succeed, you will be able to increase your leads and customers drastically.

Increasing your website traffic is all but simple. Utilizing non-traditional formats of print could be right for your product, but you could gain a better following and results through forms of social media. We will look through some of the most important ways that you can increase your personal or business website traffic.

Personalization is a perfect way to increase traffic towards your website. Want to know more you can read our latest installment on personalization here ‘Personalisation Techniques Through Marketing’

Why Website Traffic Matters?

Before we begin, you might be wondering why your website traffic matters at all. 

Traffic and conversions go hand-in-hand. When a lead or customer does something you want them to do on your website, like booking an appointment or buying a product, that’s a conversion. The more traffic you have, the higher the chance you have of converting that visitor. And the higher your conversion rate. The higher your revenue!

There are different types of website traffic, and not all traffic is created equally.

The 4 types of web traffic are:

  • Paid traffic (Ad Words, Social Ads, Remarketing, PPC): When you set up banner advertising or an ad on Facebook, you pay for every person who clicks your link. Paid traffic gives you many analytical insights into where your conversions come from, so it can be precious. However, it can also be expensive.
  • Organic Search Traffic (SEO): When you optimize your page for Google, you help it rank higher on results pages so that people who need your services or are interested in your industry can find you. SEO can work with paid traffic to boost your visitor count.
  • Referral traffic (content marketing/blogs): Content marketing (when done right) also works alongside SEO. Excellent content proves that you are an authority in your industry—to Google’s algorithm and people. Plus, websites with blogs have 55% more website visitors and 97% more inbound links.
  • Social Media: You can also gain organic traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Boosting traffic from social media is all about joining or building a community of people who are interested in your product or services.

What Is Website Traffic?

But first, what is website traffic? Website traffic refers to the hits, users, or visitors that are currently clicking and visiting your website. This can be monitored through analytics, which shows the admin or owner of the website, page views, being how many times someone has visited your site, or how many times someone has clicked on a button. The concept around website traffic is the more people you entice into your website, the high percentage of chances you have to convert those leads into customers of your product. 

Website traffic needs to be controlled; however, with higher amounts of traffic coming through the doors, you need to make sure that this traffic is driving in the right direction. Make sure you show off what you want your customers to see. 

1. Optimising Your Website For The Search Engines

Getting that foot in the door with your business can be the most challenging hurdle you have to overcome, and this includes getting your website out there. By using tools such as SEO tools and keywording your website, you can focus your keywords on grasping your target market best. Finding relevant keywords is critical.

An example of this would be a blog. By using keywords to monitor and entice your leads, you can drive up higher numbers of traffic increasing your chances. Look to new forms of marketing, having a blog can increase the chances of a higher hit rate—New relevant content for new and existing customers. 

Optimizing Your Website Through Long Tail Keywords Within SEO

While shorter keyboards are a brilliant way to increase traffic, using longer words in your keyword research can target certain user groups and users. This makes your search traffic more organic and natural to the specific groups you wish to target. Not only less challenging to rank your keywords but gives Google and your users a higher searcher intent is giving you better opportunities. 

Waves Of Fresh Content For Your Customers, Users And Leads

Having new fresh content for your customers is key to increasing your chances of new leads and existing customers coming back. The critical way to do this is through blog content. Giving a schedule of weekly or daily content, if possible, will increase your traffic drastically. Having that backlog of content that can always be searched with constant new feeds of new content for your user base. It keeps you relevant with a buck load of content for your visitors to indulge into.

2. Building Up Your Backlinks

Backlinks are a crucial part of the CEO process. If you can reference your website and organization externally, this increases your chances of higher traffic. Having links on heavy traffic external sites opens you up to the traffic they are also receiving. This also builds up a reputation. It signals to Google that you are trustworthy. That organization is legitimate. 

If external formats are currently not an avenue you can explore, backlinks can also be implemented through your site—blogs, for example. Multiple blogs are be linked together with similar topics. This gives you a higher rate of traffic on each blog. This could also lead to your users to stay on your website for a longer duration of time. 

3. Give People A Reason To Come Back

Bringing new and meaningful content on a daily or scheduled basis gives your views and users reasons to come back, especially regularly. This not only increases your chances with SEO but gives your users new content to explore and leaves them wanting more. 

Hosting exclusive content is a critical way to make you stand out from the crowd. 

Establish your brand, create your blog, Develop courses, host webinars, and give your users the content they most desire. 

4. Master Social Marketing 

From Youtube to Facebook,, if you master the art of social media, you will watch the visitors come in by the second. 


Youtube Advertising. Increasing traffic by creating Youtube adverts can be a great way to get your company and website out in the open publically. Make yourself available. You are adding links to your descriptions, combining links to your video, and making relevant content. Building up Youtube content creates a long backlog of content for your leads customers and users to enjoy. This ultimately increases and drives more traffic towards your website. 

If money is not a problem, you always have the option of affiliates within Youtube. YouTubers with sizeable audiences have large fan bases that can drive a ton of traffic towards your website. This could work well in the short term as you will be able to gain a following of leads; however, in the long run, a very very small portion of theses users are likely to stay. 


Facebook advertising. Does it actually work? Facebook’s reach towards your customers and users has been scandalised in recent history. Is it just the case that you are paying for page views and post views? Facebook has the knack of prioritizing friends and family that is connected rather than targeting actual leads that could become customers. 

Facebook can become a usual tool, however. Through maintaining and creating Facebook groups that are associated with your product or organization, Facebook Ads, however, skeptical influences get your brand out there, It just depends if it gets to the right people. Having your business page is excellent, through constant social media posts and updates, which increases chances. By combining and adjusting your Facebook Ads with posts on your Facebook page increases your chances of website traffic from various areas on Facebook.   

For online store owners, Facebook works in your favor, promote and sell your products through Facebook groups and ensure that this is redirected back through your website, leaving them interested in more products making you more revenue. 


Since being recently acquired but Facebook, Instagram has become the ultimate marketing tool. Becoming a better marketing channel for online retailers as well as promoting yourself gives you the best chances of aiming for a significant audience estimate and size. Instagram takes each component of social media and allows you to sell yourself and drive traffic through your website ultimately. By adding to your story, posts, and photos, you can increase and drive traffic through free tools. Having shoppable galleries as well as targets the correct audiences giving your website significant traffic boosts. Even every-time you upload. 


LinkedIn gives an amazing different stream of traffic from a business perspective. It might not give you a steady stream of traffic that you are after daily. It provides a bigger business perspective on your traffic and what you are trying to achieve. From sharing articles, products and videos LinkedIn does amazingly in terms of engagement

Social Share Buttons 

It’s all well creating and developing your social media platforms, but if you can’t direct me back to your website, you are not enhancing and grasping that traffic. Social sharing buttons are the ultimate way to do this. Making it easy for your users to post content with links and give you that social push of traffic towards your site. The social button gives them a portal to your site. Guide them through it. 

5. Becoming A Pro With Email Marketing

We know well what impact email marketing can bring to a company or organization. Email marketing allows you to keep driving and enhancing that traffic to store your customers as well as making sure that they stay subscribed. Social media is fantastic, but it had that reach towards a large email or subscriber base that can do wonders for your organization. Give you complete control. Building a list of email subscribers can take a long time, so having a 6, the 12-month plan could be your best option. You are giving the user constant content through email marketing. This could be forms of promotion towards your product your through a monthly email newsletter that gains awareness of your brand. 

6. Having Killer Headlines 

Content quality, length, frequency, and SEO optimization are all crucial. But don’t forget to put just as much effort into your headlines! People judge a book by its cover when it comes to content, so you need a catchy, irresistible headline to get people interested enough to click.

7.  Invest In Video

Video is a massive trend in digital marketing right now. It’s yielding fantastic results. More than half of people watch online videos every day, and 72% of people prefer to watch videos about a product. Plus, posting video content on social media will help you rank much better within the platforms; insiders predict that Facebook will be mostly video by 2022. One more statistic videos drive 300% more traffic than other means. Enough said.