Pardot is fairly easy to use but, what if there was an even easier way? That’s where these 7 Pardot tools can help.

Pardot is pretty user friendly. However, there are certain things such as creating a “bulletproof” button that can eat up your time. Well you’re in luck, these tools are just some of the many available to save you time.

Bulletproof buttons

This is one of my personal favourites! takes the pain out of creating buttons that work across all email clients. Simply fill in all of the bits you require (including background images) and copy the provided code. Buttons have never been easier!

HTML Converter AND Cleaner

Here’s a nifty tool for you, HTML Cleaner is a wonderful too that lets you strip unwanted bits and pieces from your email code. It also offers the ability to do the same to your CSS and JS code. Not only that, but it is even able to convert content created in Microsoft Word, which will often insert unwanted code when copying over to a HTML file.

HTML to Plain Text

When you have created an email, Pardot offers the ability to create a plain text version from HTML. However, this often does some REALLY strange things. However, the lovely people over at Mailchimp have you covered with this Pardot tool. Again, just copy and paste ALL of your HTML code into the top box, hit convert and the bottom box spits out super clean plain text. Lovely!

Email Validation

Do you find that your lists contain 1000 address but, you only have a small return on your sends? Fresh Address can help you here. This service ensures you’ll have the best chance of never being IP blacklisted by scanning you email list(s) for bouncing emails, spamtrap hits, stale lists, and damaged sender reputations. Well worth a look if you’re concerned about the quality of your list.

Check your reputation

If you’re concerned your lists are mucky after using the above Pardot tool, you may want to also check out Sender Score. This service will allow you to check if you’re still the “nice guy” with many ISPs. In the words of the site: “Sender Score is a number between 0 and 100 that identifies your sender reputation.”

In other words, the higher your score, the better you reputation. Looks like you might not be on the naughty list after all.

Contrast Checker

If your have a larger Pardot audience, you’ll need to make sure they can all read you emails. You may remember a previous post, where we talk about legibility? Well, Contrast Checker has you covered! This tool simply provides a simple means to test colour contrast (in compliance with the WCAG) as there is nothing worse than yellow text on a white background. It even provides a colourblind mode!

“Add to a Calendar” creator

We’ll finish how we started so, if you remember the Bullet proof buttons, there is also a Pardot tool to make various “Add to Calendar” buttons! As there is no universal button, this tool allows you to target whatever client you want. It’s super handy and can even be embedded and customised to suit your very own brand!

These are a few of my personal favourites but, do you know of any others I’ve missed?