Monthly Archives: September 2020

A Little Introduction To Automation Studio In Salesforce Marketing Cloud
With Automation studio, you can sell at a faster and smarter rate towards your customers and leads. The powerful toolkit is used to optimise your marketing funnel at every single stage of the journey and process. ... Read More
The Big Fat Salesforce Marketing Cloud Quiz – No.3
Welcome to part three of 'The Big Fat Salesforce Marketing Cloud Quiz'. How did you score in last weeks test in improving your Salesforce Marketing Cloud knowledge? This following addition of the quiz will include similar questions to the two... Read More
Introducing SQL For Large Amounts Of Data In Salesforce Marketing Cloud
SQL is one of those things that you will come across very quickly in IT. It is also something that has a huge role to play in marketing. We thought we would take a look at SQL and understand what... Read More
Why Architects Are So Important In Projects?
Most companies that use Salesforce know that having a high-quality architect in their midst is an essential part of getting the best out of projects. However, it is important to remember exactly why these highly-qualified people add so much to... Read More
The Big Fat Salesforce Marketing Cloud Quiz – No.2
Back for round 2? What was your score last week? Take part in our second quiz to improve your knowledge of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This quiz includes similar questions that will occur in the exam and it will include real-life... Read More
The Powerful Benefits Of Working With Salesforce!
Salesforce is one of those places that has become part of tech lore. It has an incredibly huge workforce too. This means it must be a great place to work. However, sometimes it's fun (and quite educational) to delve deeper... Read More
The Big Fat Salesforce Marketing Cloud Quiz – No.1
Want to get to grips with one of most powerful digital marketing tools available on the market today? Salesforce Marketing Cloud AKA SFMC is a set of automation tools for Modern Day Marketers. Salesforce is a leading CRM technology in... Read More
The Best Steps To Marketing Your Services And Products
Marketing a product is what helps brands grow beyond what they were right at the start. Having a product that is great and useful is all well and good, but if you don't market it, no one hears about it.... Read More