As a cloud based powerful tool Email Studio acts as an amazing Email Marketing Platform that leads in providing solutions into making companies make smarter decisions.

As a marketer, you know how important it is to use email marketing effectively. Email has been a vital tool in marketing and sales for a number of years now, and although it’s had it’s ‘dips’ (when email marketing was so spammy it almost killed the industry), it is still one of the very best ways to market to prospects and clients.

Optinmonster ran a study that focused on the value of email marketing versus social media as a way of reaching clients. The study found that nearly 60% preferred email promotional messages, rather than the promotional messages they receive through social media.

So managing your email marketing so that it is both more effective and of a higher quality is pretty much an essential.

The good news is that Salesforce has a product that helps you to do both of those things.

Email Studio

Email studio has quite possibly the most underwhelming title of all the Salesforce services. It’s an absolute powerhouse of a service, and it adds tremendous value, much more than you might think from the name of the software.

A screenshot from Saleforce’s Email Studio, here we can see the application in use creating a promotional email for potential leads or current customers.

Let’s go through the features and see what they do.

Drag & Drop Segmentation

This concept is nothing new. With your list, if you can’t segment the contacts so that you filter out the right people for your email message, you’re running the risk of messy marketing, not to mention making your audience annoyed. In Email Studio, the segmenting couldn’t be easier. Dragging and dropping takes seconds and it’s nicely visual too, so it isn’t an hard task.

Built-In A/B Testing

When carrying out an A/B test, you’re really only doing one thing. You’re looking for answers as regards which emails convert and which don’t.

This is an absolutely crucial aspect of email marketing. You can take your entire list of subscribers and send two different emails. Then Email Studio can tell you which email gains more opens and click-throughs.

It’s powerful stuff. You can set ‘winner criteria’ and see which email gets the most opens, for example. You’re cutting down on the time it takes to set up an A/B test manually, and you’re able to quickly identify your ‘winners’, all within Email Studio.

A bonus for everyone who is using A/B testing is the ability to see exactly what an email will look like for a specific subscriber. That’s incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to experience what the customer does.

Dynamic Emails

Email Studio pulls your emails out of the spam swamp with the opportunity to create dynamic emails. You can use HTML scripts to alter the look so that they pop off the page at the reader. This makes a big difference when you’re trying to create content that sets you apart from competitors.

However, dynamic email also allows you to do something rather spectacular. Let’s say you have a list that is deep and complex. Your Salesforce work tells you the exact point everyone is on in their buying journey. Rather than make your emails specific to individuals one by one (spending hours in the process), the dynamic offering here allows you to send targeted emails unique to the customer, and their position on the customer and buying journey.

All of that can be done quickly and efficiently through Email Studio. Experian found that personalised emails boost transaction rates by up to 6 times. If that isn’t compelling enough a reason to use dynamic emails, we don’t know what is.

And on top of all of that, giving customers and prospects personalised emails just straight up improves customer loyalty.

Maintain Your Brand Image

It’s obviously important to build a cohesive brand image online, and email marketing is no different.

The on going message you can send out via Email Studio means that everything matches up. You will have the same colours, the same messages and the same imagery. Email Studio will bring all this together for you, so that consistency that builds loyalty is always there.


Part of the strong relationship between companies and customers is about timing. If you take the time to learn about your customer habits online, and when they are more likely to read emails, you can use this information when scheduling emails.

Scheduling emails so they appear at the frequency your prospects and customers prefer is an easy way to make sure your brand stays relevant and liked.

The scheduling function in Email Studio allows this to happen. But if you dig a little deeper into why scheduling emails works, you’ll find that Email Studio becomes a huge part of your business growth.

Let’s say you have a prospect who has made a little progress on the buyer’s journey. They are aware they have a problem so they’ve looked around for a solution. They don’t want to be bombarded with emails that tell them you’re the best solution. They’re just looking around and seeing what’s ‘out there’. This is where a sensible, intelligent series of emails comes in handy. Nurturing your prospect takes time, and low-level emails that help and educate your prospects can be built into a schedule that means your prospects don’t become annoyed. Instead, they learn more about the problem they have and some ways to manage it.

Educating your prospects with intelligent emails that generally help over time means that you will be positioned as a solution to their problem when they hit the ‘consideration stage’, where they are actively looking for solutions.

Within Email Studio, a nurturing campaign that helps a prospect become a client can be scheduled easily.


The analytics framework in Email Studio is smooth and responsive. This makes a huge difference for marketers, who need information on prospects and customers quickly. All the important data such as opens, clicks and undelivered emails are presented smoothly and engagingly, so you’re never in the dark about the important stuff.

So Who Is Email Studio For?

Well, it’s for anyone who relies upon email for some of their marketing. Since that includes 99% of businesses it’s fair to say that Email Studio is brilliant for any business.

However, the platform still keeps throwing curve balls, and the way it helps you build your brand image consistently, for example, truly makes it a (still) surprising piece of software to use.

And yes, while many email platforms offer much of what Email Studio does, they can’t really compete against the ease of use, and the great comprehensive key features, such as dynamic email.

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